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How To Trade Commodity Linked Currencies

Speaker: Phil Carr

This special webinar will provide a forecast of where prices are headed in Q3, covering the September ECB Meeting, FOMC statement, OPEC meeting and an overview of key commodities - Gold, Silver and Oil alongside the commodity currencies: NZDUSD, AUDUSD and USDCAD.

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The Commodities Corner

Speaker: Phil Carr

Focusing on the precious metals and commodities, Phil helps traders navigate the volatility of the commodities market. Featuring live question and answers and trading ideas, this webinar is for traders looking to develop new trading strategies.

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Weekly Trading Signals

Speaker: Dr. Ehab Gubil

Receive video recordings by email every Monday and understand the difference between significant and non-significant trading news with Dr. Gubil. Using a blend of technical and fundamental analysis, unlock trading ideas based on significant economic events.

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How To Trade Gold - Where Are Prices Heading Next?

Speaker: Phil Carr

During the webinar Phil Carr will be providing trade ideas on gold, silver and oil, analysing the latest developments in the commodity markets, discussing the market reaction to the September FOMC statement and providing a trading plan for the month ahead.

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