The “Lucky 10 Digits” and the “Quick 10%” trades have now moved to the new “Digits” section. Simply purchase these as you would any other trade via the main trading interface. Trades may be purchased on the “Randoms” for a minimum duration of 5 ticks or a maximum duration of 10 ticks, giving you a broader range of options. Select your favorite Random Index (1), choose the duration by inserting the number of ticks (2) & select your stake or the amount you’d like to receive upon expiry (3).

The trade confirmation window provides you with full pricing information giving you a clear indication as to the potential payout or profit, the total cost of your trade and the last digit of the current spot price, all in real-time. To check whether you won the trade, simply refer to the confirmation window illustrated above or access your statement to see your profit/loss. Check out the new “Digits” section now!