We’re very proud to announce the formal launch of a streamlined trading interface on the Binary.com website which will be rolled out this week.

We first introduced this interface in beta form during early September. We have been working diligently to refine it ever since.

Explore the Many Benefits

You’ll notice that this new platform offers a number of significant advantages over the previous version. Most notably:

  1. A Simplified Main Menu. Dive straight into the instrument and underlying category of your choice – all with just one click from the main dropdown menu, located at the top left of the new interface.
  2. Instantaneous Pricing Updates. Switch from market to market with effortless ease. Whenever you select a new variable, the pricing on the right updates automatically – thanks to the platform’s powerful new engine on Websocket, the industry’s leading technological standard.
  3. Cleaner, More Responsive Design. Spend less time clicking, and more time trading. No matter which device you prefer to use at any given moment – desktop, mobile, or tablet – you’ll find it all equally convenient, based on the streamlined set of features and further-improved responsive design.

Binary.com Trading

Take Note of the Changes

To support these enhancements, you’ll notice that we’ve switched the position of a few familiar features. Specifically:

  1. The market options previously found in the sub-navigation menu have now been moved into the main dropdown menu, for a cleaner look and much swifter convenience.
  2. The two underlying fields also have been shifted into the main menu – with just one simple click needed to select your preference.
  3. The “Get Prices” button has been removed altogether, since pricing now uploads instantaneously, based on all of the variables selected.


Let Us Know What You Think!

As always, we welcome your feedback, to continue refining our platform. Please feel free to contact us at marketing@binary.com with your comments and suggestions, once you’ve given it a test-drive.

Enjoy trading through the new interface!