Timing and flexibility mean everything when you’re trying to get in on a trade. Now we have two great features that will help you zero in on your perfect trade.

First, we have added a new “End-Time” option (in addition to “Duration”) to choose an expiry date & time down to the very minute. This means you may now chose a fixed expiry time for even an intraday contract. For example, if you want your contract to expire at exactly 13:35 GMT today, we have you covered.

Second, we have added a new “Stake” option in addition to the “Payout” section. Now you can select your “Stake”, and enter the price that you’re willing to pay for your trade, instead of the payout that you would like to win. Have only $15.50 to spend on your next trade? Now, enter this exact amount, and we’ll give you a payout that matches this price. It’s that easy!