Matt Shaw

Matt Shaw has more than 12 years of experience in the stock market. He began trading when he was just 15 years old when he invested his post office savings into a company called ‘Video Logic’. His initial investment netted him a 524% profit when, almost overnight the shares jumped from 66p to 412p a share!

He pocketed over £12,833 and became richer within weeks “without lifting a finger”. He tells us:

“From that moment on, I was addicted. I actually made more money in one day than I made in two months in my dead-end job.... I rode the tech boom of the late '90s when anything 'tech' was soaring in price....but then in April 2000, karma caught up with me along with thousands of others. The bubble burst and I got my fingers badly burned, so bad, they almost dropped off. My portfolio of technology shares, which had mushroomed from £1,500 to £40,000, eventually dwindled to £2,500.

To say I ‘was gutted’ would be a major understatement! However, it proved to me that you COULD make a lot of money from the financial markets. You just have to play them right."

“I would have needed around 150k spare to really get the trades executed and for there to be enough margin for error. I simply could not afford this. I felt annoyed, angry and most of all… I was lost!”

In September 2002, he attended a seminar on spread trading and by chance, met a man, who knew of a different form of trading: Binary Options Trading. In May, 2003, he opened a virtual account, and spent the summer ‘paper trading’ to refine his system. Then in October 2003, he started for real with, and made over 9,000.00 in tax free profit in his first few months.

Advice from Matt Shaw

If you want to be a CONSISTENT trader, you should not look for exciting returns. You will be surprised at how many people cannot do this and end up trading high odds, then getting hit! This is where the bookmaker wins, and poor souls (who make an honest crust) lose out where trading is concerned!