Jim Mellon

Jim Mellon had his first job in Hong Kong, where he lived in a window-less apartment whilst getting his first experience in fund management. He arrived at the right moment and quickly turned a GBP 25,000 stake from his employer into a couple of million. From that foundation, he continued onwards to become one of Great Britain's richest men. Most recently, he was listed no. 117 on the Sunday Times Rich List 2014, with an estimated fortune of GBP 850m ($1.3bn).

Emerging markets, venture capital, forex trading, shareholder activism - Jim has done it all.

Jim Mellon

Most recently, he has been an advocate of investing in biopharma companies. Not only has he successfully invested in the industry, he also wrote a book about it, "Cracking the Code,” with his long-standing co-author, Al Chalabi. This was only one of several investment books he has written and all of them have proven to be spot-on in their recognition of major market trends. His latest book "Fast Forward" offers investors a glimpse into the future at the technological progress that will revolutionise how we live.

A globetrotter with homes in Ibiza, the Isle of Man, Brussels, San Francisco and London, he spends most of the year researching his next investments and managing his own portfolio. Jim is one of only a handful of mega-investors who regularly write about their own investments, and freely share their ideas and experiences. Anyone wanting to experience him personally can do so by visiting the Master Investor show, an event for private and institutional investors which is held in London ( or by following him on twitter at @jimmhk.

Jim Mellon provides his financial commentary to clients of free of charge!