We’re pleased to inform you that starting 12 September 2018, all the indices we offer will be sourced from the over-the-counter (OTC) market. This will give you the benefit of extended trading hours, plus display of real-time spot and charts.

Existing indices that are sourced from centralised exchanges will be replaced with their OTC equivalent. However, open contracts on these indices will be kept to term. Any contracts purchased from 12 September onwards will be fully-sourced from the OTC market.

Please see the table below for all the indices we are offering, effective from 12 September 2018:


Australian Index

Hong Kong Index

Japanese Index


Dutch Index

Euro 50 Index

French Index

German Index

Spanish Index

Swiss Index

UK Index


US Index

US Tech 100 Index

Wall Street Index

Please also note that we will no longer be offering the following indices:

  • Belgian Index
  • Bombay Index
  • Dubai Index
  • Irish Index
  • Norwegian Index
  • Singapore Index
  • South Africa Index

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