Dr. Ehab Gubil

Dr. Ehab Gubil is a market expert with extensive knowledge in financial trading. Born in Egypt, he finished his studies in medicine and also managed to set up his own medical practice. In 2010 he had a new-found interest in financial trading and investment, and decided to pursue this interest by taking up further studies in finance and economics.

Gradually, he started sharing his knowledge with his friends. This is when he realized that larger crowds could benefit from his training and experience, so he went on to setup his own trading website and he started delivering online webinars to subscribers in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt.

Dr. Ehab Gubil

Ehab stays in touch with many of his students through his website, where he provides online webinars and tips on how to trade. He prides himself in having a huge amount of patience and derives great satisfaction from the results achieved by his students/subscribers whether at an introductory or advanced level.

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