We are pleased to let you know that Binary.com is expanding its offering with the launch of its Smart FX contracts.

These well-diversified indices are based on an alternative weighting scheme and therefore are different to the traditional market capitalisation-weighted indices that you are accustomed to. Smart FX contracts are designed to give you more flexibility, than traditional indices, at the same competitive rates. If you’re looking for better trading opportunities amid volatile markets and an unpredictable economic outlook, then these are the indices you should consider.


Smart FX contracts are measured by taking the value of one currency and weighing it against the value of a currency basket consisting of selected currencies. For instance, the USD Index is a weighted Index, measuring the US Dollarís value against 5 global currencies EUR, GBP, JPY, CAD, AUD, each weighted by 20%.

Rise/Fall trades may be purchased on any of the 4 new Smart Indices: the USD Index, the AUD Index, the EUR Index and the GBP Index. Binary.com

Place your very first trade on one of our new Smart Indices now. https://www.binary.com