Imagine a world where Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been fully adopted by the mainstream, establishing themselves alongside traditional fiat currencies that we’ve come to rely on for hundreds of years.

That day is here.

From today onwards, you can create a Bitcoin (BTC) currency account with

This means that you can fund your account, buy your next binary option contract, and collect your payouts –– all in BTC.

Our BTC accounts are faster and more efficient: you can transfer your bitcoins in and out of your account without relying on credit cards and banks.

With our BTC accounts, you can:

  • Fund your account from anywhere, anytime – Bitcoin runs on a global, decentralised peer-to-peer network that never sleeps. You can top up your account even on weekends and holidays!
  • Choose your own fees – Transfer bitcoins to your account with full control over the fee for each transaction (depending on your Bitcoin wallet). Higher fees can encourage faster confirmation of your transaction.
  • Worry less about security – Bitcoin transactions occur directly between two parties and use military grade cryptography, protecting you against many types of fraud.

Create your BTC account now and join the cryptocurrency revolution:

Don’t worry, you’ll still have access to your regular fiat money account, whether it’s in USD, GBP, EUR, or AUD.